Compensation Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma compensation averages from $1 million to $2.4 million. Financial compensation for mesothelioma may come from asbestos trust funds, settlements or jury verdicts. It typically takes less than one year to receive mesothelioma compensation from trust funds and settlements.

What is a mesothelioma claim

A mesothelioma claim, also known as an asbestos claim, is a type of legal action that allows mesothelioma patients and their families to obtain compensation for illnesses related to asbestos exposure. The three types of mesothelioma claims are personal injury claims, wrongful death claims and trust fund claims.

What is the highest mesothelioma settlement?

Our Record-Breaking Results. One landmark verdict our firm secured awarded $250 million to Roby Whittington, who was diagnosed with mesothelioma after working at U.S. Steel for 30 years. This is the largest asbestos verdict against a single defendant in the history of asbestos litigation.

Who can claim for mesothelioma?

This means 3 years from the date of diagnosis of an asbestos-related illness, not 3 years since your exposure to the asbestos. Family members of people who died from mesothelioma within three years of being diagnosed may still be able to make a claim. The 3-year period to make the claim begins from the date of death.

How long does it take to get a mesothelioma settlement?

Although each case is different, many mesothelioma lawsuits start to award compensation within 90 days. Further, the entire mesothelioma lawsuit timeline usually is usually 12 months or less. The average asbestos claims payout is between $1 million and $1.4 million.29

What causes mesothelioma?

Asbestos exposure is the primary risk factor for mesothelioma. It accounts for up to 80 percent of all cases. Living with someone who works with asbestos may also increase an individual’s risk for developing mesothelioma because asbestos particles can travel on skin and clothing.

Diffuse mesothelioma is a condition describing the primary tumours that arise in the mesothelium. This cancer is commonly found in the lungs and is heavily linked to asbestos exposure.
Stage 1: Early tumor growth occurs along the mesothelial lining of one lung. Stage 2: Cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes. Stage 3: Tumors have invaded deeper tissues in nearby organs and distant lymph nodes. Stage 4: Metastasis is present, and tumors have formed at distant sites in the body.

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